Which Type of Printer Is Best? Inkjet vs Laser, What to Choose?

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Which type of printer is best

Which type of printer is best

When it comes to office duty, printers play an irreplaceable role. There are various kinds of printers that can confuse you once you decide to shop for one. Today we are here to help you select the best printer for your needs by answering “Which type of printer is best?”. Stay tuned!

Which Type Of Printer Is Best?

How many types of printers are there?

There are more than 10 types of printers on the market. However, in this article, we will only present to you 2 of the most frequently-used office printers.

Inkjet printer

Inkjet printers are one of the most widely recognized kinds of printers. Created during the 1950s, inkjet printing innovation is still colossally well-known today because of its various focal points and negligible disadvantages.

Inkjet printers category can be divided into 3 sub-categories: single-function inkjet, multi-function inkjet, and photo inkjet.

  • Single-work inkjets printers are intended for printing, solely.
  • Other than printing, Multi-function inkjet printers can pull off photocopying and faxing as well.
  • Photo inkjet printers can deliver black-and-white or colored photos other than monotone words.

The simplicity and efficiency make inkjet printers one of the best printers to use in office blocks. They can effortlessly fulfill the demand of a large proportion of black-and-white printing in an office per day.

Laser printer

Created by Xerox during the 1960s, laser printers originated from the idea of utilizing a laser to draw pictures onto a copier drum. Nowadays, laser printers category can be divided into 2 sub-categories: Monochrome and Color

  • Monochrome laser printers are a desirable choice favored by organizations with hard-core text-based reports printing needs. The machine will focus on effectively printing monotone colors like black and white.
  • Color laser printers are not designed for photo printing and typically work best on graphics or illustrations.

Their benefits and purposes

Inkjet printers


  • Capable of producing high-quality words and photos printing
  • No warm-up waiting
  • Small footprint
  • Simple to use
  • Low cost


  • High running costs (Cost per page)
  • Slow print speeds
  • Sometimes produce mistaken void cartridge admonitions
  • Printings can be wet and clogged sometimes

An inkjet printer will be the perfect company for any home user who has a large printing demand. In the meantime, inkjet technology has developed to the extent where text and photos with vivid colors can be printed in every dimension in no time.

However, there is one thing you need to consider before buying an inkjet printer, which is that they do require maintenance. Over time, the ink can easily get clogged or the productivity can drain. You need to keep an eye on this type of printer to always have it function properly without disturbing you and your work.

Hence, if you are looking for affordable yet efficient tools to bring out your occasional work or study papers, purchasing an inkjet printer will be a wise decision.

Laser printers


  • Cost-effective
  • High printing productivity
  • High-speed printing
  • More papers can be printed at one time
  • Suitable for business


  • May require short ‘warm-up times’
  • Large footprints
  • Small carbon emission caused by high voltage

Laser printers can exceed your expectations at delivering text records rapidly while keeping the running costs low. These two features make laser printers most compatible with office working duties. With high productivity and speed in printing, all the paperwork in your office can be done in a blink of an eye by laser printers.

Also, in the case when printing photographs is one of your needs, you might need to consider buying an inkjet printer. With an inkjet printer, you can utilize a wide range of kinds of printer paper with vivid and lively colors on every photo you print.

If you are looking for a printer for your office, your company, laser printers will commonly be a superior choice because of its high printing volume and printing speed. Laser printers are intended to deal with a ton of reports on the double, and in light of the fact that they print quicker, they appear to be perfect for business use.


And that’s our answer to the question “Which type of printer is best?”. As you can see, there are factors you need to consider before purchasing a printer, and once you have the ideas all clear, choosing between an inkjet or a laser will be no big deal.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave the comments below. We will be there to solve all of your problems. See you soon at the next printing article!

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