Top 10 Best Paper Shredder UK 2023: Reviews & Detailed Buying Guide  

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Best Paper Shredder UK

When it comes to sensitive information in documents, we are left with only a few options – either keep it in a safe lock or have it disposed of. Most of us will rely on the latter approach with the help of a paper shredder. However, choosing the best paper shredder from a dizzying array of brand options has never been easy.

That’s why this best paper shredder reviews UK come in handy, which hopefully will facilitate your buying decision. What to consider when shopping for a paper shredder? How to know if a particular option is what you need? The answers are all here.

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What Is A Paper Shredder?

What Is A Paper Shredder?

What Is A Paper Shredder?

A paper shredder does a simple job of cutting paper into strips or even smaller customized shapes, which serves the purpose of preventing your documents from being read.

This machine’s working mechanism is also straightforward, you put the paper in it, and the teeth inside eat it up. When the entire paper gets chomped, the unit stops.

They may not be the most glamorous tech; they are still of great importance. It gives you peace of mind when it comes to preventing information and identity theft. Also, laws such as FACTA and HIPAA require paper shredding to properly dispose of documents with confidential content.

Types Of Paper Shredders

It’s important to understand the different types of paper shredders to choose the cutting patterns that best fit your preference. Paper shredders are categorized into three types as below.

Ribbon-cut/ Strip-cut

A ribbon-cut shredder is the most basic type of paper shredder, which is commonly used for non-confidential paperwork. As its name implies, this shredder has rotating blades to cut papers into thin ribbons/ strips.

This cut is the simplest yet least secure method of destroying papers. People can reassemble the strips with enough patience, making it not an ideal option for sensitive documents but credit cards or CDS. Different strip-cut shredders may have different cut width, ranging from 1/16 to ¾ inches. And the strip length is the length of the sheet’s dimension you throw in first.

Cross-cut/ Confetti-cut

Cross-cut or confetti-cut shredders cut your documents in tiny diamond-shape or square pieces. Most home offices for small offices now choose to use this type of paper shredder.

The built-in cutting cylinder cuts the paper length and width wise, somewhere between 1/32 to ⅜ inches. It cuts the document into pieces with varying lengths within the range, making the results look like confetti.

A cross-cut/confetti-cut shredder thus offers a higher level of security than the strip-cut/ ribbon-cut counterpart. The cut size is also more compact, taking less space in the cylinder.

Micro-cut/ Particle-cut

The smaller the cut size, the better the security. That’s why micro-cut/ practical-cut shredders provide the highest level of security for your documents.

This type of paper shredder can cut a sheet of paper into around 12,000 pieces. The cuts are also length and width wise, making the pieces seemingly impossible to be reassembled. As the micro-cut shredders reduce the document into tiny particles, they don’t need to be emptied frequently.

How To Choose The Best Paper Shredder?

Paper Shredder UK Buying Guide

Paper Shredder UK Buying Guide

It may involve a lot of research to buy paper shredder UK that is befitting with your preferences. Below are the most significant factors to consider before settling down with your buying decision.

Frequency of use

If you are not demanding in shredding papers and just need to shred a few documents once in a while, the machine volume would be different from those who need to process hundreds of sheets every day. Depending on your frequency of use, how much you normally need to shred in one sitting, and your business expansion (if any), you can look for an option that best suits your preference.

Security level

There are 7 DIN-P levels of security, which can be grouped into three primary protection classes. As the rule of thumb, the higher the P level, the better security the paper shredder offers.

  • Class 1 – Basic security for internal data: P-1, P-2, P3 (
  • Class 2 – Security for confidential data: P-3, P-4, P-5
  • Class 3 – High security for secret and sensitive data: P-5, P-6, P-7

Ease of maintenance

A shredder fresh from the box runs perfectly, but maintenance is of great importance to keep it performing this way. A paper shredder should not be too complicated to maintain. Specifically, the bin should be easy to empty, the machine should go through the lubricant sheet smoothly, and the cutting blades can run through the shredder oil without leaving any mess.

Unit performance

When it comes to the shredder performance, there’re a few factors to look at

  • Sheet capacity – How many paper sheets you can put in the shredder.
  • Duty cycle/ Run time and cooldown time – The amount of time you can use the unit before its motor needs to cool down (Some commercial/ heavy-duty paper shredder don’t need time to cool down)
  • Feet per minute – How fast the machine can shred papers

Feed type

There are two types of paper feeding mechanisms – manual feed and auto-feed.

Auto-feed shredder: Depending on the sheet capacity, you can put in a certain number of paper sheets. You will also have to wait until they have completely run through the machine to put in the next pile.

Manual feed shredder: There’s an input tray from which the machine will take the paper sheets and shred them until there is nothing left

Bin capacity

Larger capacity means less time spent on emptying the bin. The bin size also needs to align with your frequency of use and number of users. If you are having a small office and use the machine with one or two other people, a bin with a capacity of 3-10 liters should be enough.

The P level also affects how quickly the bin fills up. Shredders with higher P levels cut papers into smaller pieces that take less space in the bin, requiring less frequent cleaning.

Safety features

Regardless of shredder type, the machine always has a set of cutting blades. It needs your attention while in operation, and it’s best to unplug the machine when not in use. Most quality paper shredders these days come with a safety lock or safety sensor to prevent accidental touch on the opening.

Noise level

A noisy machine can be a nuisance to you and your colleagues. It’s thus better to shop for a paper shredder that produces as least noise as possible. Some manufacturers design their paper shredders with the silent shred feature. Look out for it when choosing your paper shredder.

Setup location

Think about where you want to place your paper shredder. The setup location can be a factor when choosing the design of the machine. If you’d like to have it on the ground, a paper shredder with a vertical mouth will make it comfortable to feed. But if you are going to have one on your desk, a unit with an angled mouth will be a better choice.

Additional attributes

Different brands may have different add-on features that make the deal more appealing in their customers’ eyes. Such features as paper jam blocker, automatic cleaning cycle, full bin indicator, and energy-saving mode are the options you may be interested in.

Best Paper Shredder Reviews UK 2023

Paper ShreddersSheetBinCut SizeSecurity LevelDimensionsWeightEditor’s Rating
Fellowes Powershred 6C611L4x35 mmP-416.83 x 29.85 x 36.51 cm3.04 kg4.6/5
Bonsaii C237-B613L5x45 mmP-329.97 x 18.03 x 36.32 cm2.9 kg4.5/5
Aurora AS610C614L5x47 mmP-318.4 x 32.5 x 36.1 cm3.7 kg4.5/5
Rexel 2101942UK57.5L4x35 mmP-438.2 x 23.6 x 38.6 cm3.9 kg4.3/5
Fellowes Powershred 60Cs1022L4x40 mmP-437.16 x 23.34 x 40.79 cm5.81 kg4.6/5
Fellowes Powershred 8Mc814L3x10 mmP-420 x 30.48 x 38.42 cm4.3 kg4.5/5
Duronic PS410814L10x4 mmP-433 x 23.5 x45 cm6.4 kg4.7/5
Fellowes Powershred 62Mc1019L3x10 mmP-426.51 x 34.93 x 47.63 cm9.62 kg4.6/5
Fellowes Powershred 12Ms1223L4x12 mmP-425.72 x 34.29 x 56.52 cm10.2 kg4.7/5
Bonsaii C169-B1417L5x40 mmP-331.75 x 24.13 x 50.5 cm7.62 kg4.6/5
Duronic PS9911831L28x4 mmP-443.5 x 40 x 65 cm17.84 kg4.7/5
Fellowes 79Ci1623L4x38 mmP-439 x 26.5 x 54.5 cm12.84.6/5
Fellowes 46Ms1230L2x14 mmP-568.2 x 42.2 x 31.2 cm11.2 kg4.6/5
Rexel M5151530L2x15 mmP-532 x 40.6 x 59.4 cm20 kg4.2/5

As you now know what to look for in a paper shredder, let’s take a closer look at the best paper shredders UK options available today. From home/ small office products to high-tech machines, there’s always a choice for you. And no matter how tight or generous your budget is, these three lists with three price ranges will definitely help you find out your match.

Best Paper Shredder Under £50

If you are looking for some simple options, this best paper shredder under £50 list is right up your alley. These paper shredders offer basic security levels; they won’t hurt your wallet. And the best thing is that they are all highly affordable while not compromising too much machine performance.

1 – Fellowes Powershred 6C – Best Brand Reputation

Fellowes Powershred 6C

Fellowes has long been a market leader in the paper shredder manufacturing industry. The brand has been around for almost a century under four generations of family leadership. So if you are looking for a reliable and robust paper shredder with all the in-need features, this is it.

Fellowes Powershred 6C has everything it takes to be a long-term companion for your paperwork. It can shred up to 6 A4-size paper sheets per pass into P-4/ 4mm x 35mm particles (cross-cut) pieces. Credit cards, staples, and paper clips won’t be much of a challenge for its cutting blades.

The run time is around 3 minutes, and the cooldown time is about half an hour. With its medium security level, Fellowes Powershred 6C is a go-to choice for small/home offices with not-too-frequent paper shredding needs.

With a long history, Fellowes really knows what to do with their products. The safety lock quality on Fellowes has been claimed for years. The machine also overruns a bit after each shred to make sure there’s no paper bunged up between the blades.

One inconvenience when using this paper shredder is that the bin fills up quite quickly, as its capacity is only 11 liters. The plastic window on the bin is also a bit tinted over time, making it not so visible to check the waste inside.


  • Positive brand reputation
  • Comprehensive features
  • Durable safety lock
  • Over-run after each shred to prevent clog-up


  • The bin fills up quite quickly.
  • The plastic window on the bin is quite tinted.

2 – Bonsaii C237-B 6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder – Best Safety Features

Bonsaii C237-B 6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Bonsaii C237-B 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder is designed with safety in mind. It deserves to be one of the nominees for the best cross cut paper shredder UK. Quite similar to the Fellowes 6C, this paper shredder also offers a P-3 security level with a cut size of 5mm x 45mm.

What really makes it stand out from the competition is the safety features. Specifically, this shredder comes with overheating and overloading thermal protection technology. Accompanied by a safe sensor, the Bonsaii C237-B 6 Sheet Cross Cut allows for a more durable machine performance, making sure it’s always safe to operate the unit.

Running paper through the opening is smooth as this Bonsaii paper shredder has a jam protection system. It also stops once you lift the opening head. The waste bin is easy to disassemble and reassemble, guaranteeing your comfort while using the machine.

The Bonsaii C237-B Cross Cut shredder can run for 4 minutes; however, one downside is that its cooldown time takes quite a while (around 40 minutes). A brand’s advice is to always follow its duty cycle. Otherwise, the papers may get stuck even when the bin is yet to be full.


  • Overheating and overloading thermal protection
  • Sensitive Safe Sensor
  • Good jam protection system
  • Easy-to-remove basket


  • Long cooldown time
  • May get stuck after a long time of operation.

3 – Aurora AS610C 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder – Best Easy-to-Use Design

Aurora AS610C 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Another option for the best paper shredder for small business UK is the Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder. There’s no learning curve in operating this shredder, the design is straightforward, making it seemingly foolproof to use.

The Aurora AS610C has a safety cover that can be used as a handle to lift up the top when you need to empty the bin. There’s also a reverse function on the safety shut off switch with which you can unblock the machine with ease. All the waste processed paper is held in a 14-liter bin, which provides good storage and requires less often emptying.

Overall, the Aurora AS610C is versatile enough to be in your home office or offices with less than five shredder users. The cut size is at the P-3 level (5mm x 47mm), and the operation generates around 65dB; these are still tolerable features for both home and small office uses.

Aurora paper shredders come in many sheet capacity options. For higher capacity, the price, of course, will reach out of our mentioned range here. However, the waste bins on most models have narrow plastic windows. It’s better to just detach the bin and look inside to check if it’s full rather than looking through the window.


  • Adjustable safety cover
  • Easy-to-switch Safety Shut Off
  • Less frequent cleaning in need
  • Spacious waste bin


  • Narrow plastic window on the waste bin
  • Big cut size

4 – Rexel 2101942UK Style 5-Sheet Manual Cross-Cut Shredder – Best Compact Design

Rexel 2101942UK Style 5-Sheet Manual Cross-Cut Shredder

Rexel 2101942UK Style 5 Sheet is a minimal yet efficient unit that can be your best home paper shredder UK for occasional use in a small office or at home. With a sleek and slim design, this paper shredder fits neatly under your desk.

Despite its compact design, the Rexel 2101942UK Style 5 Sheet leaves you no worries about its shredding performance. The shredder supports GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) shredding; you can then be confident your documents are securely disposed of.

The shredder offers two modes of shredding (strip-cut and cross-cut) for your preference. Whether you just want to basically get rid of your documents or get them torn beyond recognition, Rexel 2101942UK Style 5 Sheet has the option for you.

Confident in the unit design and construction, Rexel provides a 2-year warranty (3-year warranty for cutters) to claim its reliable performance. The brand also advises the package shredder with oil sheets so that your regular maintenance is more feasible.

As compared to other shredders in the list, this Rexel’s sheet capacity is the lowest (5 sheets per passing). And if you need to shred CDs, consider other models as this Rexel 2101942UK does not come with such a feature.


  • Sleek and slim design
  • Shredding supports GDPR
  • Switch between strip-cut and cross-cut
  • Comprehensive guarantee policy


  • Low sheet capacity
  • Cannot shred CDs

We just walked through the top 4 paper shredders under £50; these are four options for those with a basic demand of an effective shredder.

Best Paper Shredder Under £100

Moving up on the price ladder, we will now take a closer look at the options for the best paper shredder under £100. These three deals basically give you more capacity, higher security level, and longer running time.

1 – Fellowes Powershred 60Cs 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder – Best continuous shredding performance

Fellowes Powershred 60Cs 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Looking for a shredder that can run for quite a while? Settle down with a Fellowes Powershred 60Cs. In the competition with other shredders in the price range, this Fellowes gives you the longest run time – up to 6 minutes. The cooldown time, however, is not compromised. You will only need to wait 30 minutes (similar to almost all other models) until the next duty cycle.

With this Fellowes Powershred 60Cs shredder, you won’t need to check the waste bin too often. The container is 22 liters, giving you a lot of space to store the cut pieces. On top of that, the plastic window is highly visible from all angles. Just a glance and you will know whether the bin needs emptying.

Ten sheets, cross-cut of 4mm x 40mm, the shredder also comes with options of inclusive lubricants and oil set. In other words, the Fellowes Powershred 60Cs has what it takes to give you continuous shredding performance for a long time.

Fellowes seems to be a bit extra when designing a safe sensor though. Sometimes it is too sensitive that it stops the machine when you just touch the silver paper slot on the top of it. The opening slot is so narrow that it seems impossible to fit your fingers in there. Consequently, putting paper sheets in the machine needs both attention and patience.


  • Long run time
  • Large litter bin
  • Highly visible plastic window
  • Diverse package option


  • Narrow opening slot
  • Unnecessarily sensitive safe sensor

2 – Fellowes Powershred 8Mc, 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Personal Paper Shredder- Best P-4 Security Level

Fellowes Powershred 8Mc

Among all shredders with P-4 security levels, Fellowes Powershred 8Mc is the one that offers the smallest micro-cuts with the size of only 3mm x 10mm. Each A4 sheet can come into more than 2,000 pieces, making sure the result is unreadable. This paper shredder is thus an ideal choice for those looking for a more-than-a-basic shredding device.

With smaller cut sizes, this Fellowes does not require much storage space. For this reason, the 14-liter waste bin is more than enough to keep you from having to empty the bin regularly.

With its superior shredding performance, this device’s robust shape makes it a great fit for both home and office environments. All the buttons and indicators are also well-labeled. The result comes out consistently every time you use it.

As the shredded pieces are too small, they sometimes get stuck between the cutting blades. It’s highly advisable to run an oil paper every time you empty the full bin. This shredder’s design actually has a pitfall; it has no wells or handles, making it quite awkward to lift up the whole device for relocation.


  • High-quality micro-cut shredding
  • Less frequent cleaning in need than cross-cut shredders
  • Robust shape construction
  • Well-labeled buttons and indicators


  • Some small pieces may be stuck between the blades
  • No wells or handles to lift up the whole device

3 – Duronic Paper Shredder PS410 – Best Relocating Ability

Duronic Paper Shredder PS410

Duronic Paper Shredder PS410 is a device with flexibility. The unit sits on four caster wheels, enabling you to relocate it with ease any time you want. The wheels are durable enough for frequent repositioning without doing any harm to the machine.

This Duronic PS410 should be your companion, whether you are looking for a companion for your home office or your medium business professional office. Especially if you are interested in rearranging your office every now and then, this paper shredder is right up your alley.

Despite its robust design (33 x 23.5 x 45cm, weight: 6.4kg), the Duronic PS410 does not produce much noise while operating, regardless of how many times you have relocated it. The handle is also easy-to-handle, making it a truly versatile paper shredder that you can rely on for both personal and business purposes.

For a P-4 (4mm x 10mm) paper shredder, the Duronic PS410’s running time is quite limited (3 minutes for 30 minutes cooldown time). But if you have enough patience for it, this should not be a big problem. Another note for this shredder is that you cannot place it against the wall because the on/off switch is placed right at the back.


  • Easy relocation
  • Versatile using purpose
  • Low noise
  • Easy-to-pull handle


  • Short running time
  • Cannot place the shredder against the wall

The top 3 paper shredders under £100 give you more choices as your budget grows bigger. Price comes with value; let’s scroll down for more options.

Best Paper Shredder Under £200

More demanding in shredding performance, capacity, and safety features? These deals for the best paper shredder under £200 are worth your notice.

1 – Fellowes Powershred 62Mc Paper Shredder – Best machine for occasional shredding

Fellowes Powershred 62Mc Paper Shredder

Designed for occasional use, Fellowes Powershred 62Mc has all the features you need to shred small to medium paper loads. And if cross-cut shredders cannot offer the security that you expect, moving up to a Fellowes Powershred 62Mc is a wise decision.

The unit can work continuously for seven minutes; however, its cooldown time is up to one hour. You’d better make your paper batch ready for each 7-minute pass. Occasional users will enjoy the safety lock on this device. It’s easy to switch manually, making it more secure when you want to turn off the machine.

Fellowes has been known for several decades; the materials thus have improved over time. So, Using a Fellowes means there won’t be a worry for its durability. Specifically, Fellowes Powershred 62Mc includes a 5-year cutter warranty, ensuring your machine will stand the test of time.

One gripe is that the waste bin takes quite a while to empty as some shredded pieces get stuck in the back holes. And as this Fellowes is a high-performance shredder, it requires frequent lubrication for more durable shredding activity.


  • Shred continuously for 7 minutes
  • Manual safe lock for more secure operation
  • Durable materials
  • 5-year cutter warranty


  • Need oil frequently
  • The bin is a bit messy to empty

2 – Fellowes Powershred 12Ms Paper Shredder – Best machine for regular shredding

Fellowes Powershred 12Ms Paper Shredder

Fellowes Powershred 12Ms Paper Shredder is a wise choice for every day shredding tasks. As compared to the Fellowes Powershred 62Mc, this Fellowes cut in a bit bigger size, but still not too big to be reassembled. So if your requirement for the security level is around P-4, the Fellowes Powershred 12Ms Paper Shredder is good to go.

The shredder is packed with a 23-liter bin and a full bin indicator to facilitate regular shredding. The unit can hold at least 450 sheets of paper, runs for 30 minutes straight with only 10 minutes to cool down.

The Fellowes Powershred 12Ms also has overload and overheat indicators to ensure the machine’s safe operation. Red LED light means there are too many paper sheets in the bundle. For most efficient shredding, aim for two yellow lights.

Even though the shredder does not need much time to cool down, you won’t be able to operate it until it’s completely ready for the next pass. And if the bin is about to get full, the shredded pieces will build up in a pyramid shape, slowing down the shredding process. Make sure you check the bin indicator to empty it timely.


  • Long run time over short cooldown time
  • Accurate full bin indicator
  • Overload and overheat indicators
  • Highly jam proof


  • Cannot operate until cool down completely
  • Shredded pieces build in pyramid shape

3 – Bonsaii C169-B EverShred Paper Shredder – Best Duty Cycle

Bonsaii EverShred Paper Shredder

Bonsaii EverShred C169-B 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is one of the shredders with the best duty cycle. This machine is ideal for those who are quite demanding in shredding a big load of papers at a time. It can operate for up to half an hour and takes almost the same time to recover.

With the auto start and manual reserve functions, this Bonsaii shredder allows for efficient cutting work without compromising the safety during its operation. While running in 30 minutes, the unit won’t generate much noise (just around 52dB). On the whole, There’ll be no disturbance to your work, phone call, or meeting.

Covering a powerful machine is a sturdy exterior. The Bonsaii C169-B EverShred 14-Sheet Cross-Cut shredder has durable solid cutters that can shred several sheets at a time (around 12-14 sheets). You will find the blades cut smoothly like day one, even after multiple lubrications.

Because of the sturdy construction, the shredder is quite heavy. Relocation is then not a good idea. The 17-liter waste bin also gets loose after multiple reattachments; it’s best to be gentle every time you detach it.


  • Extended working time for 30 minutes
  • Auto start and manual reverse
  • Ultra-low noise
  • Durable steel blades


  • Heavyweight
  • Waste bin gets loose after detachment

4 – Duronic Paper Shredder PS991 – Best easy-to-maintain paper shredder

Duronic Paper Shredder PS991

Your first impression with the Duronic Paper Shredder PS991 is probably pleasing as it’s a powerful machine in a user-friendly design. It can shred 18 paper sheets at a time, and even items with a tougher texture like CDs, credit cards, or staples will run smoothly through the blades.

This shredder can be your choice for medium to large offices as it can collect shreddings for several days without the need for cleaning. Besides the extra-large 31-liter bin, the machine’s matt finish makes it effortless to clean and maintain the prime look.

As this Duronic shredder can cut multiple sheets at a time, the overheating protection system has to be well constructed. It has a built-in fan to prevent the machine from being overloaded during its active time.

Despite its powerful motor, the Duronic Paper Shredder PS991 only offers cross cuts but not mini cuts. For some people, it may not be the appropriate security level for their paperwork. Another disadvantage is that the bin’s window is quite small, giving you a limited view to really know if the bin is full.


  • Shreds 18 sheets at a time
  • Highly versatile shredding performance
  • Built-in fan to prevent overheating
  • Easy-to-clean exterior


  • Cross-cut not mini-cut
  • Limited view from the waste bin

Above are the list paper shredders under £200, have you found yourself comfortable with the price range or willing to pay more? They are the best office paper shredder UK packages that come with a good deal.

Best Paper Shredder Under £300

The last price range that our review covers is the best paper shredder under £300. They are also strong competitors racing for the best heavy duty paper shredder UK. Let’s now dig right in.

1 – Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder – Best Sheet Capacity

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder

Have no interest in any run-of-the-mild shredder? This Fellowes is the upgrade you need. The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 16 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder will free you from all the hassle of having to shred several sheets at a time.

With the ability to shred up to 16 sheets (cross-cut 4mm x 38mm), it saves the waiting time and gives you more time to switch between office tasks. Compared to other high-end Fellows, this unit can work for 20 minutes before cooling down in 30 minutes. However, its high shredding speed and consistent operation truly reduces the effort involved to get a thick load of papers shredded.

Everything you need to know about its features is on the dashboard light. It’s thus easy to control the sheet capacity, forward, and reverse functions. Additionally, the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 16 Sheet Cross Cut comes with a neat design, improving the machine efficiency. While working smoothly most of the time, this shredder does not provide much flexibility. You’d better rest it in a certain place as the unit is heavy, and the caster wheels need a lot of pushing to get going.


  • 16 sheets cross-cut per pass
  • Quick shredding time
  • Easy-to-follow dashboard lights
  • Neat design for easy shredding


  • Caster wheels do not move easily
  • Difficult to lift up for relocation

2 – Fellowes Powershred 46Ms Paper Shredder – Best Safe Sensor & Silence Shred Technology

Fellowes Powershred 46Ms Paper Shredder

Fellowes has appeared many times in this review, which is for all good reasons. This Fellowes Powershred 46Ms Paper Shredder is quite similar to the mentioned Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 16 Sheet Cross Cut. But to compare the cut size, the 46Ms offers a better one as it shreds in micro-cuts (2mm x 14mm).

This shredder is a good choice for anyone in search of a high-security machine. Besides the ability to shred micro-cuts, the Fellowes Powershred 46Ms ensure quiet performance, causing no disruption in the workplace during its duty cycle (15 minutes running and 25 minutes cooling).

The SafeSense technology built in this Fellowes also deserves a compliment. Whenever your hands come in contact with the paper entry, the machine will stop immediately. It also stops when the machine is inactive for a while to save energy.

Fellowes Powershred 46Ms is a big tough guy, literally. Consider this shredder if you have enough space for it. This heavy-duty shredder sits on four caster wheels, but moving it won’t be an easy task. And as it produces tiny shreddings, be careful when you empty the bin. The cuttings may fly everywhere if you discard them too quickly.


  • Quiet performance
  • Advanced SafeSense technology
  • No disruption in the workplace
  • P-5 micro-cuts


  • Space-consuming
  • Can be messy to clean up

3 – Rexel Momentum M515 Paper Shredder – Best Micro-cut Shredder

Rexel Momentum M515 Paper Shredder

Come last in the list, the Rexel Momentum M515 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder deserves to stand equal with any heavy-duty competitor. Micro-cut, spacious bin, high sheet capacity, it has them all.

The Rexel Momentum M515 can continuously run for up to four hours, an ideal machine for users with high demand for regularly shredding documents. Even if people come at the machine for an entire office shift, there won’t be a challenge at all.

The cooldown time is one hour, which also perfectly matches with the lunch break. This shredder is what medium and big offices should consider for an efficient workflow.

As compared to the Fellowes, this Rexel comes in a more compact design, making the caster wheels easier to move around. The large bin window is another plus point, facilitating your check on the full status without having to notice the bin indicator.

As it can run for four hours non stop, the Rexel Momentum M515 needs regular maintenance to keep its prime performance. Make sure you always have oil paper or lubricant ready to touch upon the machine after each duty cycle. The machine is also not so quiet, so consider placing it somewhere that the noise won’t disturb the workplace.


  • 4 hour run time
  • Large bin window
  • Efficient workflow
  • Space-saving design


  • Need regular maintenance
  • Not so quiet

The review on the top 3 paper shredders under £300 has come to an end. You now have all the options in all the common price ranges. It’s now time to consider your own preference and budget to finalize the one that fits your criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a paper shredder work with all types of papers?

Technically, yes. Still, the cutting performance may also depend on the paper thickness, texture, and machine using frequency.

Do I need to lubricate my paper shredder?

Paper shredders need proper lubrication every now and then. If you use the machine a few times a week, it should be lubricated once a month. To do this, spread the lubrication oil on the paper sheet. As it runs through, put the shredder in reverse to lubricate all the parts inside.

Can a paper shredder hurt me?

Most quality paper shredders have built-in safety features to prevent accidents and injuries. The opening is also designed to be small enough to avoid you putting your fingers in. Still, beware of your long hair, tie, and necklace.

Is it safe to put in the maximum number of paper sheets into the paper shredder?

Yes, it is, but not on a regular basis. Working in its full capacity for a long time will depreciate the machine’s performance. The advised number of sheets to put in is the maximum number reduced by 20%.

How do I know when my paper shredder bin is full?

Some paper shredders have an indicator telling you if the bin is full. Some others do not come with this feature, which requires your occasional check on the bin.

I emptied my shredder, and then it did not switch on. Why?

It may be because of the built-in safety feature, which only allows the unit to operate when its door is fully closed or when the shredder head is in the correct place.


The ideal paper shredder for you will depend on your own needs. In each price range, we have picked out the best paper shredder UK options for your consideration.

There is no set answer on which one should be the best of the best. But if you are also an occasional user who needs a durable machine from a reputable brand, our recommendation is the Fellowes Powershred 60Cs.

Still, if you are eyeballing on a different option, your answer is always right, as no one knows what’s best for you than you yourself. Thank you for reading through the buying guide with detailed reviews, hope it helps.

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