How Does Printer Work? Three Types Of Printer

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How Does Printer Work

Printers are an essential and useful tool in most businesses. And knowing how to utilise this device also brings many benefits to the work productivity and efficiency.

However, before learning how to handle their functions, you need to know: How does printer work? This will make it easier for you to take advantage of all the printers’ benefits.

So, why hesitate any longer, let’s find out now!

How Does Printer Work?

The printer operation is quite easy. In simpler terms, a printer is a tool that helps you convert images and text on a computer screen into physical copies.

They are able to do so thanks to specialized software, which enables the printer to read and understand the languages ​​you want to print. Meanwhile, all the images and text after going through this software become small dots and are displayed on the paper.

Currently, there are three common types of printers. These are Inkjet, Laser, and Solid Ink. Each device comes to the market with different mechanisms. So let’s see how does printer work right below!

How does Inkjet Printer work?

How does Inkjet work?

How does Inkjet work?

Inkjet printer operation is simple to understand. The print head of this machine consists of thousands of micro ink holes. When printing documents, ink flows through this hole and leaves a mark on the paper at high speed.

For this type of Inkjet printer, the ink in the printer must be liquid ink, which is produced by the raw material of dye. The paper is perpendicular to the running direction of the machine.

As the print head moves horizontally, the ink from the small holes will be ejected and touched on the paper. Each dot after printing on paper will display a beautiful and clear image in the end.

The majority of inkjet printers are usually color printers. To print out colors, you need at least three basic ink colors. And when combined with these colors, the printer will produce images with colors similar to what is displayed on the screen.

How does Laser Printer work?

How does Laser work?

How does Laser work?

Similar to Inkjet, Laser machines also work by creating text, images from dots. However, the method to create tiny dots is a bit different. While Inkjet printers use liquid ink, Laser machines use solid dots, which are fine powders made up of solid particles.

Laser printers’ operation is much more complicated than Inkjet. To use a Laser printer, you need to undergo more stages. To put it simply, a basic process of Laser printers will need a laser light source, toner, and drum (mono) or multiple drums (color).

To display images on the page, the emitted laser beam is directed through a system of focusing lenses and mirrors. Then all the resulting images will reflect on the dumb and print them on it.

The area on the drum that receives the Laser becomes an electrical image. The Laser will continuously fire, then turn off when it sweeps on the dumb.

This laser frequency is called “dot per inch” (dpi), which is also the parameter that determines the resolution for printed pages. The higher the dpi, the better the page quality is.

The paper is then passed through a fuser. At that point, the ink heats up and begins to flow through the tiny holes, which are stuck to the paper. From there, the dots on the page form a complete text.

How does Solid Printer work?

How does Solid ink work?

How does Solid ink work?

Solid ink is a combination of Inkjet and Laser printer. The solid ink in this printer is melted down, then sprayed onto the drum surface. The printhead also includes small holes similar to the above two types.

After the ink is sprayed, the image will be displayed on the metallic roller. The roller will then directly transfer the image to the paper. The ink after drying will give you an image as a crayon paper. This type of machine often produces bright and striking colors.


Three types of printers have their own functions, operations, and bring you different final products. The more complex the machine is, the better the image will be.

Hopefully, after learning how does printer work, you can choose a suitable machine for your needs!

Goodbye for now and stay tuned to our next posts!

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