Cold Lamination Vs Hot Lamination: Which One Is Better?

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Cold Lamination Vs Hot Lamination

Although Cold lamination and hot lamination share some similarities in terms of features, they are different in appearance, and each suits a distinctive customer group. Which one will fit you best then?

This article will give you a thorough comparison between Cold Lamination vs Hot Lamination to help you find the answer and pick the right product for your needs! Let’s get started!

Cold Lamination vs Hot Lamination -What Is The Difference Between Both?

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding to choose between cold and hot lamination machines. While two types of machines will give you long-lasting, well-preserved papers, there are some distinctions in terms of completion time, cost, and quality, and so on.

Electric cold laminating machine

Electric cold laminating machine

First, let’s list what you should consider answering the topic on cold vs hot lamination

To begin, the primary distinction between a cold laminator and a hot laminator is how the laminator applies plastic to the document or paper.

Next is the selection of supplies. The availability and selection of supplies are one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing a laminator. Available supplies will help buyers decrease time and cost in seeking out products.

Next is how much time you can save when using these machines. You are most likely a very busy person and need a device that can provide you speedy results.

The cold device would be an excellent choice because it does not need to be warmed up. Hot machines can take a while to warm up, which can be frustrating when you need to get the job done quickly.

Price is also a problem that buyers are especially concerned about when choosing a product. Of course, laminators come in a variety of pricing ranges, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Generally, cold lamination machines are cheaper than hot ones because they don’t waste much money to produce, but the price difference is not large.

However, the supplies required for cold rolling are more expensive than those required for heat treatment. As a result, employing a cold laminating machine may end up costing you more in the long run.

Another important point on the difference of both is the product quality of these machines. Although both of these machines will give users long-lasting, well-preserved products, there is something you need to pay attention to, for example:

Some documents, such as those printed with water-based ink, should not be hot-processed, because these items are susceptible to damage when exposed to heat. So if you work with them, it is best to use a cold lamination type.

Product quality of lamination machine

Product quality of lamination machine

Convenience is an important factor for buyers when comparing these machines. You should consider a cold laminator because it does not require electricity, lasts longer than a hot laminator, and can be placed anywhere, on a mobile cart, work table, or in the middle of a room. It is not limited by wall outlets.

Hot Lamination Machine

Hot Lamination Machine

The hot press machine may emit smoke and a harmful plastic smell to the body while working. In contrast, cold rolling doesn’t experience this as heat is not required. A safe, pleasant, and cool working environment should be your top choice, right?

Next, when using the cold laminating machine, you have to turn the document by hand to help reduce the failure of the tool compared to the hot laminator. However, as long as there is no continuous breakdown, your cold rolling mill will last a long time.

Onto maintenance issues, when using a hot laminator, you must clean the blades and spools, replace the hot end supplies, and troubleshoot any issue that arises. Therefore, the hot rolling machine often needs to be maintained much more often than the cold one.

Quick Review of Cold Lamination 


  • No paper jams or incorrect feeds
  • No mess, no smoke
  • No electricity required
  • Speedy
  • Highly durable product


  • Require experience for beginners

Quick Review of Hot Lamination


  • No experience required
  • Durable product


  • Require high maintenance level
  • More harmful to the user (than cold laminators)
  • Waiting time


Hopefully, this article has helped answer your concerns on the topic of Cold Lamination vs Hot Lamination

In conclusion, the cold laminator is better in comparison to the hot laminator regarding everything, from quality, time to completion, convenience, maintenance issues, and so on. However, choosing which product is up to your needs and criteria.

Read carefully and give your feedback about two machines!

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