Why Is Projector Screen White? In-depth Answer Everyone Want To Know

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Why Is Projector Screen White

While searching for a projector screen, some of you can get the suggestion of choosing the white one. Why is projector screen white? Is that the question you are asking yourself?

Well, you are lucky as you have found the right place to have a pleasing answer. Our article will surely be a useful source of information for you to explore.

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Is It Necessary To Have A Projector Screen?

Well, you will be one of these two cases while finding the answer to this question.

First, if you are on a tight budget and long for your own home theatre, you do not actually need a projector screen. The most affordable option is to make the most of a hanging sheet or a smooth, blank wall to project image and video.

In case you want to invest more, you can consider purchasing high definition screen paint to increase the quality of the viewable image.

Second, buying an actual projector screen is an extremely worthwhile investment when you expect the image to be crisper and brighter. Needless to say, you can have a better experience of viewing on a nice display.

Furthermore, rest assured that there are lots of screens coming to the market at a reasonable price for users.

Thus, it is up to you and your demand to decide whether it is vital to own a projector screen or not.

Why Is Projector Screen White?

White-coloured projector screen

White-Coloured Projector Screen

White has been utilized for home theatre for decades. It is considered the traditional choice for home projector screens before the arrival of other colours.

In fact, the white colour still works well as a projector screen for your home theatre. The reason is that it is capable of reflecting light well without affecting the projected image. Of course, it provides such pictures with excellent colour reproduction and vibrance.

Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that the white projector screen meets the standard due to its accuracy. And the images you experience will be closest to reality.

What is more, this colour brings the most generous angles of viewing compared to other any screen type.

However, it is worth mentioning that the white screen promotes its ability most in a “blacked out” environment. Do you know what it means?

Well, a “blacked out” space should be a room that does not have any significant other sources of light apart from the projector, even the light leaking in from the windows or the table lamps. You also need to paint the walls a dark colour, remove all the light sources, and seal the windows shut to ensure the ideal conditions.

On the other hand, if there is any ambient or reflected light affecting the dark areas, the quality of projected images will be decreased. Also, the colours of the projected image cannot be reflected most accurately as a result.

Is White Projector Screen Better Than The Grey One?

The grey projector screen is introduced to the public later in comparison with the white one, but it has gained immense popularity since then and until now.

Correctly, it works well as the high contrast screen because of its ability to raise contrast on projectors in such space that is not entirely dark. This grey screen can absorb all the ambient light illuminating it better than the white one.

It cannot be denied that the grey colour can make up for the disadvantage of the white one as we have mentioned before.

In sum, you can jump to the conclusion that a grey projector screen is somewhat better than the white version when it comes to projecting on a partly dark room.

However, it must be noticed that almost all of the digital projectors nowadays have been improved in the contrast performance. As a result, grey screens are not really necessary these days. In this situation, a white screen, along with a high contrast projector, is a better idea.

Wrapping Up

Here is the wrap up of our in-depth article to answer your query: “Why is projector screen white?”. Can you have your own answer about this matter after consulting this post? We do hope that the answer is yes.

If you plan to purchase a projector screen to serve your entertainment, think carefully before making your buying decisions. Let’s take the condition at your home, your budget, as well as your preference into account. And you will determine which projector screen works best for you. It’s time to go shopping!

If you have any ideas to exchange, leave it in the comment section below to let us know!

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